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What They’re Saying

Talant and his team are very professional. They do perfect job. I strongly recommend him to do any remodeling work.

Shana Smith

Fast! Reliable! Talented! Highly recommended.

Tom & Pat

Talant Bek is clearly the most competent tradesman/contractor who has worked for me. He has done electrical, plumbing, and insulation jobs, as well as some sheet-rock and cabinetry work. Additional planned projects include stretching carpets and some carpentry, as well as more electrical and plumbing jobs (in both of which Talant has separate licenses, in addition to his class A contractor's license.) His years of experience are proven by the broad range of tasks he knows how to do. His ingenuity is shown by how quickly he can find pragmatic solutions to the unexpected problems which are part of every project. Talant has good communication skills--not only explaining the details of the work, but also listening to what the client wants. He is a congenial guy and very easy to work with. He has a strong work ethic and hustles all the time--even when being paid by the day, rather than by the job. And his rates are very reasonable. The bottom line--Talant is very talented. 

Chris Crawford

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